RESOLUTE Partners selects IntelaWorks as the exclusive VersiWorks channel partner for Canada.

Southington, CT: January 15, 2011 – VersiWorks, the cloud based Operations Support System (OSS), transaction processing and network management platform from RESOLUTE Partners will be marketed and supported in Canada by IntelaWorks, based in Thorold, Ontario.

RESOLUTE Partners originally developed VersiWorks for its own extensive network of self- service computer centers and Wi-Fi networks in the U.S. military community around the world. Using the latest cloud computing architecture, VersiWorks is now available to customers in both government and commercial markets as a turnkey SaaS solution for network operators or as the underlying platform in a managed services solution.

IntelaWorks sister company, Inline Internet Systems, worked with RESOLUTE during the development and rollout of the service and will continue to support enhancements and custom applications for VersiWorks. Subscribers to the service will benefit from regular updates and improvements to the platform.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to bring VersiWorks to Canada.” Said Russ Cobe, President of IntelaWorks. “It is much more than just an OSS. It is a powerful management tool designed to provide dependable integrated solutions and to create new business opportunities for client customers.”

The VersiWorks platform incorporates all the features and functionality of Wi-Fi OSS solutions on the market today and adds new and innovative capabilities not available from other providers.

As a VersiWorks client, an operator can deliver services that enhance existing offerings, or can create new products and service bundles or packages. For example, cable operators can offer Wi-Fi services, hospitality Wi-Fi providers can offer IP business center services, multi-unit residential or campus networks can offer a combination of communications, access control and smart card applications. Services managed by VersiWorks can be amenity, pay-as-you-go or subscription based. The built in ad delivery system lets network owners display their own ads or place ads from national ad serving networks.

The VersiWorks user account feature allows users to maintain a cash or points balance from which they can purchase or subscribe to any number of services. They can buy or top-up any consumables included with their plan such as Wi-Fi printing. With the user account feature, customers can create proprietary Stored Value Cards and loyalty programs. VersiWorks can even serve as bill payment platform or remote Kiosk management tool. The platform is designed to allow users to purchase services with cash as well as any major credit card. End-users can view plan details, balances and usage through the VersiWorks end-user portal.

Administrative capabilities of VersiWorks are extensive. The web based admin console allows managers to configure, monitor, repair and report on all aspects of the network and attached devices. VersiWorks supports major Wi-Fi network controllers, access points and, through its PC client software, can support and configure PCs and Kiosks on the network. All via a web console from anywhere on the Internet.

The VersiWorks admin console can serve as a standalone customer care application or can work in tandem with an operators existing CRM application. VersiWorks portals can be customized to blend seamlessly with a customer’s branding.

“We saw an opening in this market for a more fully integrated management platform. No one really combined all the capabilities we felt are valuable to network operators like RESOLUTE.” said Michael S. Blanco, RESOLUTE Partners CEO, “We can’t think of a better partner to bring VersiWorks to Canada than IntelaWorks. They know the product inside and out and will be a valuable asset to any enterprise that adopts VersiWorks.”

Customers can elect the SaaS model or IntelaWorks can offer affordably priced management services. Subscription pricing for VersiWorks is based on the number of active user accounts in the operator’s discrete database and monthly user sessions. With low monthly minimums and other flexible pricing options, operators can easily forecast and control costs associated with VersiWorks.

For complete information about VersiWorks and to learn how the VersiWorks platform can enhance your network operations or build your business, contact IntelaWorks at 1.888.123.4567.