Benefits of VersiWorks Cloud Solution

VersiWorks is a full hosted application that provides all the backend functionality required to operate businesses running on the latest wired or fixed wireless technologies – Wi-Fi, WiMax or Mesh networks. VersiWorks Partners only need to provide the local network infrastructure and bandwidth needed to bring a variety of services to Partner sites and customers. The VersiWorks platform can do the rest.

Since VersiWorks is a completely integrated customer database, OSS backend and CRM it provides some unique features not found in other similar systems, allowing VersiWorks Partners to leverage all the benefits of today’s cloud computing.

Control and manage costs

  • No hardware or software to buy and maintain (other than partner infrastructure equipment)
  • Accommodates partner growth – new locations, increased subscriber base etc.
  • Eliminate development costs

Improve productivity

  • Integrated, real time system management eliminates need to access every device on the network to deploy changes and updates
  • Only network management application needed

Increased efficiencies for staff in all areas

  • Network Management
  • Administration
  • Finance
  • Customer Care

Secure and Scalable Solution

Discrete Database

  • Customer data is the heart of any business. Since security and other regulatory requirements can be quite different from business to business, VersiWorks provides each Partner with a unique and discrete database, running on VersiWorks servers.
  • Customer and Partner data is not comingled in anyway, allowing for maximum flexibility. Partners have complete control of their data and configuration through the Partner Administration Portal.

Hosted, Secure Solution

  • VersiWorks is hosted in a secure, Tier 2+ data center. The data center provides physical security, regulatory compliance and full redundancy of telecom/power services from regional providers.
    • Full BGP Internet connectivity to multiple Tier 1 ISPs
    • In-building Central Office connectivity
    • Multiple power feeds from the local power grid
    • Redundant UPS’s
    • Redundant backup generators
    • Redundant A/C chillers
    • Redundant hardware and failover of all critical systems
  • All public connections can be secured with the following security services
    • HTTPS
    • Shared Secrets
    • VPN capable
      • PPTP
      • OpenVPN
      • And Others

Capacity planning is included with the VersiWorks platform – as you grow your business, we will expand equipment and infrastructure as needed to support your growth.

  • Fail Over and Disaster Recovery
    • VersiWorks operates a second duplicate data center for failover and disaster recovery in the unlikely event the security and redundancy built in to our primary data center should fail. Partner clients and and contracts may require this level of protection.

VersiWorks allows you to focus on what drives your business growth – products, services, sales and customer service.