Advantages of Versiworks

The Versiworks OSS is not just another OSS, it offers real tangible benefits over other systems. The biggest perhaps is how it can help generate additional revenue. This can be done by charging for things like
  • loyalty card
  • printing
  • advertisements
  • upsells
  • wired stations
  • time
  • bandwidth
  • monthly
  • bundled services
  • IP TV
  • VoIP
  • Faxing/Scanning

A lot of the above features are not even available as options in other systems. Other benefits include having efficient methods to do repetitive tasks. Need to update one piece of data on say 100 controllers (all or a specified group), its easy with Versiworks, change the one field and hit Submit.

Its can be difficult to grasp how much more efficient you can work when all the components of a business or system are in one convenient place. No need to login to different systems all over, Versiworks is centralized and all within one consistent interface.