VersiWorks Managed Services Option

Certain network operators, service providers or venue locations may wish to have a fully managed VersiWorks solution for their business application. For example, a hotel franchisee may want to improve a guest Internet solution, but does not have the internal IT resources to design and maintain a network. Or a college campus needs an integrated video and Internet solution connecting multiple dorms and campus buildings but would prefer to outsource the provisioning and maintenance of the service.

In these and other business applications of VersiWorks, IntelaWorks will work closely with you to determine your business needs and network requirements. We can design, engineer, install and maintain a complete network using the VersiWorks platform. Different from the SaaS version of VersiWorks, IntelaWorks or an authorized Channel Partner, can offer a fully turnkey solution and a single point of contact for the daily operation of your network.

As a Managed Services client, you will have visibility into all the reporting capabilities of VersiWorks. View activity on your network in realtime, run pre-packaged or custom reports to track what is important to your business.