OSS or Management Platform Conversion

VersiWorks is the ideal solution to incorporate when designing and building a new IP network or service platform. However, it is important to note we developed VersiWorks specifically to replace and upgrade currently installed systems. RESOLUTE initially developed VeriWorks to replace one of the leading Wi-Fi OSS providers to better control costs, gain efficiencies and improve both backend support and customer facing experience.

RESOLUTE technical support and training is always available to you with the SaaS version of VersiWorks. Or we can provide dedicated managed support for your VersiWorks platform as a Managed Service Provider.

We will work with your product and network technology teams to coordinate all aspects of a VersiWorks conversion to insure it is smooth and seamless.

Conversion Process Overview

  1. Full review of your current network configuration, hardware and OSS database.
  2. Create your proprietary database on our servers and set up your management account(s)
  3. Provide training and support for your operations team
  4. Implement any requested custom features
  5. Support testing and set up in your own development environment
  6. Add and configure new controllers or reconfigure existing controllers
  7. Work with you to create your unique conversion/cutover plan
  8. Import your current customer and system records
  9. Support your operations team through our tech support help desk