Leadership Team

Russ Cobbe

Co-Founder and President

Russ Cobbe is president of Intelaworks. Intelaworks is a privately held software marketing company and a leader in OSS management solutions. According to Cobbe, the ability to understand and meet the needs of their growing clientele is the reason behind Intelaworks's success.

Prior to launching Intelaworks, Cobbe was the Vice President of Operations at TRUGER Technologies Inc., the largest SCO UNIX distributor in Canada. A graduate of the University of Waterloo with a B. Math degree, specializing in Computer Science and Business Administration, Cobbe also brings with him 30 years of experience in the computer industry. A strong background in C programming and database design complements Cobbe's existing business experience. Cobbe is also a published author and several Internet and computer related magazines contain his articles. He is also President of Inline Internet Systems, Inc. and iDRINK.com

As past president of the 180 member strong Toronto Internet Developers Association (TIDA), which provides a community for Internet Developers in and around Toronto, Canada, Cobbe brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and vision to the Intelaworks organization.

Jonathan Pounder

Co-Founder and Director of IT

Jon Pounder is the design architect for the Versiworks product line. Pounder specializes in the areas of database system design, devices interfacing, control systems, and embedded controllers. He is well-versed in the areas of C, C++, BASIC, Java, Assembler on multiple uP Platforms, Pascal, SQL, Visual Basic, and other Application Specific Languages.

In addition to achieving a degree in Computer Engineering from the McMaster University, Pounder has 30 years of programming experience with the PC Platform behind him and 16 years of programming experience with the MS Windows and Linux platforms. He is also a member of the prestigious Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO) organization located in Canada.