VersiWorks is a proven, dependable, durable solution.

  • Developed for the RESOLUTE Partners’ Wi-fi networks, Internet Café and recreational computing platform serving the U.S. military community world wide including Germany, Iraq and Kuwait.
  • Evolved to manage and operate RESOLUTE’s growing global network of wired and wireless installations in some of the most inhospitable environments on earth.
  • Robust transaction capabilities for billing, authentication and access control.
  • Scalable database and network servers can support extremely high transaction levels while offering increased hardware and network capacity as your business grows.
  • The current release of VersiWorks integrates and manages a full range of IP based services and devices.
  • VersiWorks is now available, to WISPs, ISPs, managed service providers, venues, and network operators in both the military and commercial markets.

CZee CyberZone Kuwait Desert